Latin in origin, the word ‘fidelis’ means faithful, and it has served as a slogan for many families and entities in many countries since the 16th century, including the United States Marines Motto, “ Semper Fidelis.” Founded in 2009 by Dr. Charles Jetann, FSE was formed to focus on faithfully satisfying client requirements for structural consulting engineering services. Since inception, FSE’s client base and portfolio of projects has developed well and is growing successfully. Fidelis Structural Engineering (FSE) is a consulting engineering practice operating out of Brisbane that provides structural engineering services from initial concept to completion. We cater for both private and public sector clients Australia wide.

FSE is a proprietary limited structural engineering consulting. We are registered under the Professional Engineering Boards and Building Acts of Queensland, Victoria and the Northern Territory. By implementing quality through good management practices which are executed in accordance with FSE Quality Assurance Manual and Procedures, the company aims to provide assurance to clients that FSE structural solutions will meet the client’s specified requirements and expected end-user needs.

As registered structural engineers in Australia, and are able to provide engineering services in all states and territories. FSE is capable of structural engineering design, documentation, assessments, construction inspections and building act compliance certificates. In addition to mainstream structural engineering, additional capabilities have been added to the organization to include specialist technical advice, advanced transient dynamic finite element analysis, temporary works, structural condition reports and construction supervision.
FSE will undertake projects, both large and small. Our ethos enables us to enjoy working with clients on project scales that range from small to large such as domestic extensions, renovations, veranda’s and carports, to new multistorey residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure projects. We also have specialist expertise in structural dynamics and we are competent in timber, steel, reinforced concrete, masonry and post-tensioned construction.

The FSE logo represents a stack of building blocks that appears to defy gravity in their eccentric configuration. The intention of the logo is to evoke questions like: “How does it stand up? What makes it stable? Who would have thought it possible?” The answers to questions like these are all founded in FSE’s approach projects through our core values. At FSE we believe that for any successful project outcome there must be a foundation of faithful partnership with the client for reliable service, so collaborative solutions may be achieved. Therefore, in keeping with Fidelis Structural Engineering’s core values we endeavour to engage in:

• Collaborative Solutions
• Faithful Partnerships
• Reliable Service
• Successful Projects

Ultimately, FSE places emphasis on delivering to client expectations and priorities, and our engineers will work faithfully to ensure that a successful outcome is achieved to the very best of our abilities.